Get Beautiful Floors That Last

Get Beautiful Floors That Last

We offer epoxy flooring services in Arnold, Annapolis and Parole, MD

You need floors that can handle a lot of foot traffic. Otherwise, you'll constantly be repairing and replacing them. Save yourself money in the long run by hiring Decorate Concrete Install & Repair. Our team completes residential and commercial epoxy flooring throughout Arnold, Annapolis and Parole, MD. We'll prepare your existing floors, prime everything, install the epoxy, create any special designs you want and seal it.

You'll impress your guests with your stunning new floors. Take the first step toward amazing floors by hiring us for epoxy flooring services.

Enjoy the benefits of epoxy floors

You won't have to worry about waxing hardwood or scrubbing vinyl flooring when you have epoxy floors.

Choose our epoxy flooring services if you want floors that are:

  • Beautiful
  • Long-lasting
  • Eye-catching
  • Chip-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Low maintenance
We can add colored flakes, metallic pigments and special patterns to create unique floors. Call us today to discuss the design options you'll have with our residential or commercial epoxy flooring services.

Choose an epoxy coating you'll love

Are your concrete floors starting to lack their original luster? Instead of replacing your floors altogether, invest in epoxy flooring. Decorate Concrete Install & Repair offers epoxy flooring services for customers in Annapolis and Parole, MD.

When it comes to our epoxy flooring services, we can install just about any type of epoxy coating. You can choose from types like:

  • Epoxy screeds
  • Self-leveling epoxy
  • Epoxy flake coatings
  • Epoxy terrazzo flooring
If you're unsure which epoxy coating would suit your space best, we'll help you choose. You can learn more about our commercial epoxy flooring options by calling 443-822-9914 now.